Fertilizer Spreader for Sale

The Fertilizer Spreader ensures maximum return on fertilizer investment. It spreads evenly and control the quantity according to requirement without any wastage.

Quantity of fertilizer spread can be easily controlled from tractor seat. Besides fertilizer, it can be used for broadcasting seed and granular chemicals with same efficiency.


Hopper capacity 300litres
Weight of machine 70Kg
Height 105cm
Radius of hopper 100cm
Tractor compatibility 50 HP and above
  • Spreads up to 13 meter wide for prilled and 4.5 meter for powder fertilizer
  • Anti-corrosive wings , Can be fitted with any tractor ,Grease packed Gear Box ,Pinion Ratio 1:1
  • Super agitator is standard equipment, Fully protected heavy duty (U-J) Shaft
Fertilizer Spreader for Sale